Tap/Click to change steering direction of the car, e.g. you drive on the left side and tap once your car will drive to the right side, time your taps/clicks to drive on the middle lane.

Avoid other traffic and try to get as far as possible. You can crash other cars while boosting and during an Action-Event.


  • 70 Cars with different Attributes
  • Action-Events
  • Awesome Graphics and Driving Physics
  • Bomb, Nitro Boost and Time-Slow Power-Ups
  • Daily Challenges & Rewards
  • House Upgrades (to get permanent Startbonus-Score)

  • Also available for WP8/WIN10:

    Also available on


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    nice use of synty assets

    Love the selection of vehicles! SO MANY!!!

    I very like the idea of the game and the performance was just as good but can be better, I'd love if you take a look at my games as well.

    Very good game my best is 1053!

    My 8 yo daughter loves this game =) The frame rate lags a bit on our laptop. Could you provide a downloadable version with resolution option? This would allow us to play with a nice frame rate =). Thank you!, im not the dev, but here you go friend. this was in the desc, not sure if theres a resolution option

    A few screenshots would be nice to see how the game looks like before playing.

    Unity version, please?